Calc: How to set up global cell formatting?

And have Calc remember it?

I’m using Calc and when I select all cells in the spreadsheet, go to Format->Cells and select my desired cell formatting (left-aligned, top-aligned, word wrap), it only works on cells that have already had text entered. Any new cells either completely ignore the desired formatting or only apply part of it, say, left-aligned but bottom-aligned (not top), and no word wrap.

What is the best way to set this up in a spreadsheet without constantly having to go back to Format->Cells?


Not sure, I understand why this might be needed, but your problem has a simple solution. Choose Styles - Manage Styles or press F11. From the context menu for the Default style, select Modify and set the formatting options you see fit. All cells in this workbook (even empty ones) will now obey these rules.