Calc: How to Split Contents without losing Hyperlinks?

So I’m currently spliting some data into two coloums. The data is like this:
Angel Beats! | Netflix
I try to use Data to Coloums Feature, but when I do, the hyperlink disappears completely.
How do I stop it doing that? And have the content and Hyperlink not to disappear.

A hyperlink of the kind you get whe n using the link editor for a part of the text constant contained in a cell cannot be created by a formula. If the target URL is also used for the text it is anchored to, you can create a working link of a different type with the help of the HYPERLINK() function. Otherwise you need to extract the URL from the TextField object it was assigned to. I don’t know way to do this based on standard functions of Calc, but I once wrote a user function capable of doing it. It is published in the CodeSnippets branch of the
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