Calc How to SUM Only the same adjacent cells


I’ve just wondering how I can sum the adjacent cell from a set of cells/measurements.

(From the image I have attached) How can I automatically sum all TL04 as a total for this item at the bottom of the page?

=SUMIF(A1:A10;"TL04 Terra Clay 62x250 wall tiles";B1:B10)

Adjust column letters and row numbers accordingly.

LibreOffice Help on SUMIF.


Thank you for your help, this is a game changer for me.

The only problem i now face is when i apply to certain cells to add up, they come up as zero. I’ve tried adjusting everything but nothing works in adding some of my cells together (in the attached pic)

Without the actual spreadsheet it is a guessing game for us to help you, but I’ll try a couple of guesses.

  1. The numbers you are trying to add are stored as text; Ctrl+F8 (or View | Value Highlighting) will show cells with text in black, numbers in blue and formulae in green

  2. There is a trailing space or some other subtle difference between your search value and the cell value(s).

If neither is the case, please edit your question to add a sample spreadsheet file - not a picture - that shows the problem.


That was it, the subtle differences. I was zoomed out and I couldn’t see the spaces. Greatly appreciate your help.

That worked perfectly. Thank you so much