calc--how to truncate data in a cell

I have an extensive spreadsheet and must have the ability to clip or truncate web addresses or they will run into the next cell. I’ve looked all over Libre Calc and cannot find a way to “format” a column to clip or truncate the web addresses, like I could in Excel or google sheets, which I no longer use.

Is this feature being considered and if so, when might it be included in the next update?

To prevent long text being displayed across empty cells either have content in the cell right to it (and be it just a blank space character), or in the cell formatting dialog tab Alignment set Text Alignment Vertical to Top and in Properties enable Wrap text automatically. This also heightens the rows, after which you’ll have to reset row heights to your likings. Without Vertical to Top in a narrow row height it would display the end of the string instead of the beginning.

There might be some RFE (request for enhancement) already, I think I saw such thing, you may want to check in the bug tracker with Severity=enhancement and a few describing words in the summary or comments, but if so it’s certainly not anything of high priority.

Extremely helpful and it worked! I wouldn’t have ever thought to check ‘alignment’, though I did look at format cells. Thank you SO much… You saved me from looking for another solution elsewhere.

In LibreOffice I can Format cells > Alignment > Text Alignment > Horizontal and select Filled. Cheers, Al

PS. I see the same thing in Excel in the same place but it is called Fill.

Also in LO

Oh right, I forgot about Horizontal Filled, thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

The drawback with that though is that if the text is shorter than the cell width it gets repeated until the cell is filled, which it actually is meant for… So, fine if all text is longer, otherwise not.

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