calc hyperlinks behavior different, inconsistent

I have 2 iterations of the same spreadsheet where revealing hyperlink targets is different. The first was created in 2017 and it still allows me to highlight all hyperlink targets by hovering my mouse pointer on them, the expected behavior. The latest edited with LO 6.06 behaves differently. Some hyperlinks appear to be off center ,ie, I have to slide the pointer just below where one would expect to reveal the hyperlink target. A double clicking of the cell beforehand overcomes this problem but this is required every time. I tried using clear direct formatting and a hyperlink reset to no avail. I am at a loss how this came to be or how to get it to work like it once did ,ie, pull up the spreadsheet, point to any hyperlink and ctrl/click to follow the target without having to focus on those off-center hyperlinks in those “uncooperative” cells.