Calc Icon on taskbar Is missing

The Calc icon is not showing up on the taskbar, but the other LO icons show up fine. To clarify, when I open a Calc file, I get a windows generic icon instead one specific for the Calc app. Here’s a screenshot showing what I mean. The Calc icon is the third one.


This problem started as soon as I installed Version yesterday. My operating system is Windows 11.

Pin apps and folders to the desktop or taskbar

Here you can see where the components of LibreOffice are and what they are called:

Assign files back to LibreOffice by default

You may have an incorrect file association.

Assign files to LibreOffice

Those steps aren’t working for me.

When I pin LO Calc to the taskbar, I get the “blank page” icon.
When I try to assign files back to LO by any means, I find that LO Calc is already listed as the default app for .ods files.