Calc is epically slow in filter/search

Hi everyone.
I have ubuntu 18.04, Intel CPU with 8 cores, and 64 GB ram.

I also have a ~12mb .xls file with 65000 rows, and ~10 columns, mostly integers, 2 columns with text.
I need to filter values in 1 column with integers. So I set a Filter for the upper row, and then try to input a certain integer value (product ID) to hide all products with different IDs.
After pressing the first keyboard button the Calc freezes for like 5 minutes. One CPU core is constantly loaded to 100%.

Same file, same procedure on a crappy laptop with Windows and Excel takes fraction of a second to filter the rows.

Tried to convert the file into the “open format xls” and “ods spreadsheet” - zero difference.

For what it’s worth, I have a very similar problem that occurs systematically. For example, a spreadsheet with 200’000 rows. I try to set a filter and it has been going for minutes. 12% of 8 core processor in use; 4.4 GB out of 16GB Ram in use. Very little disk I/O.
I wonder if there is a problem with swapping out memory, though.


there are quite some issues with filtering in calc, plenty of them reg. ‘autofilter’ and the ‘search box’,

look around in, search for autofilter and freeze, try using other filters (standard or advanced), try avoiding the search box,

no better hint possible as your description is not detailed enough which filter you use, which way etc.


[ot] assume you use a windows machine? 12% CPU usage on a 8 core machine in win taskmanager says 100% of one core imho, while the task can’t be divided into threads that’s ‘max-possible’, you get 100% display once all cores are full active,

linux ‘top’ will show 100% for one full-active core and 800% if all are engaged, [/ot]