calc: is it possible to protect shared files with a password? and keep it over save of changes?


short description for those short in time:

‘it looks as if the password protection of shared files is lost after saving changes’

couldn’t find qualified info in short time, question:

we collaborative use ‘shared files’ (tools - share spreadsheet) stored on a ‘cloud’ server, for additional safety, data protection laws and rights management we’d like to protect them with a password.

once i try to set a password on a shared file i’m told:

Warning saving the document xxxxxx:
The password of a shared spreadsheet cannot be set or changed.
Deactivate sharing mode first.’

if i try the other way - first add password protection, then share - it works, i get

‘file must be saved to activate shared mode’,
it saves automatically, and after close - reopen i’m asked for the password, but!

!!! after a subsequent change and save the password protection is lost :frowning: !!!

that doesn’t happen with ‘unshared’ files, there the password protection survives change - save - close - reopen.

actual ver.: unthreaded winx64

anybody an idea?

tia for every help,


What “file format(s)” were the files saved to?
(Also: V is still a prerelease version.)

“Protection” only is a weak feature to protect contents and structure in spreadsheets against inadvertent changes. It is easily removable without knowing the password.
File encryption is completely differnt, The password is needed to open the file in the beginning, not to speak of changes or password removal.

So called protection in spreadsheet documents is probably ignored by alien software (MS?) and may not be correctly handled by whom ever if alien file formats are used.
(I didn’t yet stumble over related bug reports concerning V 6.4.)

@Lupp: thanks for care,

file format used: *.ods,

reg. Versions: i think it has been the same with prior versions, did a quick test with 1. save with password, 2. open needs password, 3. set shared, 4. save, 5. close, 6. reopen needs pass, 7. change a cell, 8. save, 9. reopen possible without pass,

same procedure without shared mode would require pass for open (step 9.)

reg. encryption: yes, i spoke about protecting the whole file by saving it password protected, you pointed there:

that that does file encryption and is hard to crack.