Calc - is there an option to insert data from an image, similar to how it works in Excel?

I’ve had the misfortune of working with non-digital tables, so it’d be a godsend if I could export table data from an image. I’ve discovered that this option does currently exist in Excel, so I just wanted to clarify if it’s available in Calc.

No it is not available (currently). It would be some AI or OCR feature, both of these are absent in LibreOffice at the moment. Potentially, features like this could be implemented by someone interested as a (plugin) service connecting to an online service (similar how DeepL machine translation is implemented).

Alright, thanks for the info. Then I guess I’ll have to insert it by hand xD

For single or smaller cases this is usually the quickest solution. If you need to repeat this, search for an OCR, but tables are not always reproduced right, so try to test before you buy. You may also search for tesseract ocr wich is a free engine for ocr.

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