Calc: keyboard use to Navigator fails

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In any spreadsheet, press F5. Navigator child window should appear.

Press any navigational key - tab, shift+tab, left, right, whatever. Unfortunately, keyboard access is sent to the spreadsheet, instead of to the navigator child window. This completely defeats purpose of having the navigator in the first place. If you need to use a mouse to use the navigator, then you don’t need the navigator (you’d use other GUI objects instead).

The Navigator box would benefit from a re-design to make it slicker. The typical user of the Navigator window is a keyboard user who uses named ranges like bookmarks. The default control of the Navigator should be an edit box, ready to accept either a named range or a sheet-and-cell reference. For inspiration, please refer to the Excel equivalent.

Thank you for your prompt reply!

  1. bug element reported.
  2. SHIFT+CTRL+T is a new one for me. Much better than the Navigator.
  3. Love the factoid that StarOffice/OOo got there before MS.
  4. What other fluency/power functionality is hidden in LibreOffice…?

Please mention the bug number, like tdf#… to link it. Thanks.

Appears to be tdf#151112

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Not hidden but documented in the Calc Guide which can be downloaded from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides

I’d consider the Navigator window not obtaining focus not even when the operating system’s window switching is used a bug that should be reported.

Other wishes may be enhancement requests also to be filed in the bug tracker, but note that the “edit box, ready to accept either a named range or a sheet-and-cell reference” is already implemented without the Navigator by the Name Box (Shift+Ctrl+T).

Funny that “For inspiration, please refer to the Excel equivalent” because StarOffice/OOo was first to implement a Navigator before any MS product (does Excel even have a Navigator?).