Calc loses Libre Base Connection on reopening

Coming from another problem . I was pointed out that there was the option to import data to calc via a base connection.

I managed to set up base to query my SQL database and registered the Base Database in Libre Office.
Then I imported the data (as explained here) per Drag&Drop.
That method defined automatically an “area” which I can update via Menu -> Data -> update area (literally translated menu options from German libre office).
Via Menu -> Data -> define area I can define properties. After doing a drag&drop, I can for example see that there is a connection established to the source.

I can than update the calc file easily, when ever there is a change in the SQL database.
How ever, as soon as I (save, close and) reopen the file, this connection seems to be lost.

That means that I need to drag & drop the “base request” from the database sources window into the specified area - which is quite anoying. I stopped closing files and stopped rebooting now for over a week, in order to finalize my work.

Is there a correct way to save the link to the base file and keep it working?

You need to save the spreadsheet in Open Document Format (extension .ods for spreadsheets).

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Hey Villeroy,
put your post back. It was the solution :wink:
I did not make sure to save in .ods format.
Save as -> ods format -> reopen. Does the hack.
Thanks for pointing out!

(Even though it feels stupid, that the connection cannot be saved in .xls or .xlsx format. But I am not here to criticize. I am indeed very happy with the solution. Just need to know it. Could be worth mentioning the fact of limited support in the docs.)