Calc - Low performance on large spreadsheet

I have a spreadsheet that’s really slow in doing anything (saving, calculating, …)

As there any fine tuning I can do in Calc’s configuration? I notice for instance it just take a fraction of the available memory and CPU time

Some info… on the spreadsheet:

  • Around 50 Mo
  • data made of 700k lines of 6 columns, only made of numbers and small text (less than 10 characters)
  • about 1k cells containing formulas mainly consisting of COUNTIFS on the data above
  • No comments, no notes, no conditional formatting, no formatting at all actually, no recursions, just simple LOGICAL or COUNTIF formulas

… on my PC:

  • LibreOffice
  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.81GHz
  • 8GB of RAM

FYI I have also tested this with MS Excel and it is much faster, probably like 10x. Some calculations that seemed to never end with LO (with 50k cells containing formulas instead of 1k) actually take about 10mins in MS Excel. Excel does not take more memory than LO but uses almost all the CPU.

really show

or really slow?

Share what formulas are you using. Maybe they can be optimized.

best performance killer yet found: comments,
also very good: conditional formatting,
suspects: fonts and row heights,
there are functions / formulas (volatile?) which are suspect,
i thought formula / operands order might have an impact, couldn’t verify yet,
always wanted to create a hitlist to give an orientation for me and others,
may be a search in for ‘performance’ in ‘bugs’ is helpful for you,
if it’s possible shrink and anonymize your sheet and upload, it’s easier to spot things than estimating ‘into the blue’ …

The data in the spreadsheet is nothing confidential, I will upload it

‘The data in the spreadsheet is nothing confidential, I will upload it’ … not yet seen …