Calc Macro Functionality

I’ve read the question/answer posts regarding needing to turn on the “experimental (unstable)” option in Calc to record/use macros. So my general question would be:

What are the instability risks? Crash, etc.? And what are future developments for this functionality? Lastly, I do substantial VBA coding for Excel at work. Beyond recording macros, I’ve read posts alluding to a “Libre Basic” macro language. What I can’t find is any documentation of this LB language (if it exists) to lookup syntax, functions, etc.

Thanks in advance.

I only do very simple (repetitive) macros but I have never had a crash due to using them.

Chapter 13 should be able to help you :wink:

Thanks! That link (and subsequent links from those documents) provide quite a bit of reading material for me. It looks like there are substantial differences between the two (VBA and LB) for me to get accustomed to. But its a start. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

The basic macro recorder is not stable because it is not actively developed right now. The generated macros might contain errors or won’t include everything that you did.

I think the best resource for all programming against the public API is at:

It does not only cover Basic but also our other language bindings, including Java, C++, Python and some more. The used interfaces are for all languages the same but they behave different due to different concepts behind the languages.

I miss the posibility to create macros. But I have found a way that works. I still have Open Office installed, and when I have created macros in Open Office, I copy/paste the macro code from Open Office to Libre Office. The macros work just fine!