Calc, make an automatic web or local search

I’m using Calc to arrange some of my song, and for guitar tab of other artist.
I want to make a web search (not Google, a specific site : for example ) just by clicking at the name.
Also, want to made another clickable thing to search for a mp3 of the song in my computer.

in resume, I want to be able to make some search from a certain cells.

In the image on the bottom, when I click on “click” it made a websearch on a site of “the song” … Is it possible ? And how ? thanks a lot !

Voir le Fichier : 2023-06-02_11_58_12-Start.png

Many thanks for any help !!


I do not have an account on the specified resource (and to be honest, I am not eager to register there). Therefore, I do not know the site search capabilities for registered users, but for a test visit, this formula worked for me:

=IF(A4="";"Enter Title";HYPERLINK("" & SUBSTITUTE(A4;" ";"%20");"Find '"&A4&"'"))

(The “Song Title” column is assumed to be column A and the formula is entered under the heading “Tab”)

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Thanks, I’ll try it !