Calc: Match closest text and align extended results

I’m attempting to convert from one db to another. In both db’s is a title and an associated id among other fields. The ids of course are different between the two and I need to map one to the other. While the bulk of the titles are exact matches, not all are.

I’ve tried using Match and Vlookup for exact matches and have gotten ok results but I can’t figure out how to align the results. Once I figure that out I could test some regex for my match criteria to maybe catch a few more or just hand edit the rest. (1166 rows in all)

So in the most basic form is:

 |db1 Title |db1 id|   |db2 Title|db2 id|
1|Title     |45    |   |Title #4 |64    |
2|Title f   |24    |   |Titlex   |1125  |
3|Title #4  |59    |   |Title    |72    |
4|Title (?) |2     |   |Title f  |48    |

I’m trying to end up with title and both corresponding ids on the same row and deal with the non matches (#N/A) by hand or regex matching. Is this possible?