CALC - missing of autosum like excel of Microsoft

  • when i use “calc”, (not shortkey “ALT + =” autosum ) like excel of Microsoft.
  • Print is very slow…, because of showing picture before printing. you can turn it off when printing (Ctrl + P)

Can you write a bit wider what is considered in your point 1?

Microsoft Office (MSO) and LibO are both office suits. For the first you pay and cannot influence anything. For the second you don’t need to pay but you can influence things. You can e,g. write an enhancement request here:
Please don’t look at LibO as free of charge copy of MSO. LibO goes its own way and develops differently from MSO. MSO has the ribbons and LibO has the very useful sidebar.
The choice is yours!

Autosum - You can write a short macro and assign it to alt+= key.
Here you can download - again free of charge - the guides for LibO and learn how to write a little macro. If you have problem you can raise - again free of charge - questions here.
The choice is yours!

Print speed - Why should LibO turn off this function? Couldn’t it be that there are people who want to see what they print out? Couldn’t it be that the data traffic on your computer-printer connection is slow?
If you want to turn the pictures off, again think about a macro, try to create it, and if you have a question, raise it here - again free of charge.
The choice is yours!

Please have a look at the comment by @Bookman800 and provide more information. I think @Bookman has an idea on how to help you but definitely he needs some more information.
The choice is yours!