Calc: Missing properties when copying cells from one row to another

Running CALC version on an HP z230 computer . Operating system is Windows 7 pro.
When I copy a row from my spreadsheet and paste in on the next row down, not all the properties are copied.
I have attached 2 files, before copying row and after copying row.
In the after copying row, it’s clear to see the word Put is not colored, nor is the letter L or the word Open.
If I copy the cell with the word put in it and paste it below then the color will appear.
If I copy the cells containing the word Put and the cell with the letter L and paste them below in order to save time, the colors will NOT appear.

This seems like a bug.

(Cannot attach files, it seems I need points to do this)

What is the solution?

Put your sample files on a file-sharing site like Dropbox or Mediafire and edit your question to include the link(s)