CALC need more keyboard shortcut

What is keyboard shortcut for Libreoffice Calc:

  1. Rename Worksheet
  2. Rename Worksheet
  3. Cycle through opened files
  4. Set optimal row(s) height on selected cell(s)
  5. Set optimal column(s) width on selected cell(s)
  6. Mnemomic didn’t work. My work a lot of slower without keyboard shortcut.
  7. Etc.

I was using Excel for Years, and now I’m using Ubuntu 13.04 with unity and LibreOffice Calc 4.
I can’t find any quick keyboard shortcut. Each time pressing ‘Alt’, they (Ubuntu) throw me to Unity search.

Your first two points are the same? In any case you can create your own shortcut for this action via Tools > Customise… > Category of “Format” / Function of “Rename Sheet”. Points four and five can also be set as shortcuts: Category of “Format” / Function of “Optimal Row Height” or “Optimal Column Width”.

Your third point is a Unity issue not a LO issue. According to this link what you require is either ALT+TAB (switch applications) or ALT+` (switch between an application’s windows).

Thank you for the answer.
I now sets the keyboard shorcut for several frequently used operations.
Alt-F11 to insert new sheet
Alt+F12 to rename sheet

The first time I use the “Alt” combination, Ubuntu Unity take over the keyboard. But Luckily, I modify Unity keyboard shortcut to “Ctrl+]”, and the Alt combo works fine in Unity.

The combination “Alt+`” is that what I mean for my question #3. Thank you.