Calc needs very long to load, hangs at Adapt Row Height

Loading a Calc sheet (< 1 MB) takes almost 8 minutes to load. It appears to come from ‘Adapt row height’ that takes so long to do.
A solution in [Solved] How to stop "Adapt Row Height"? (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum
does not work (this is adding code to standard module1 macro: TL;DR Run “LoadCalcDocumentWithoutAdjustHeight” ).
The problem seems to be caused by one worksheet with some 8000 rows. Nothing fancy in these cells, just data and a linked graph.

Probably formula recalculations are involved that are executed to determine the row heights of results. Whatever is meant by “a linked graph”, if external links are involved a long load time may be due to timeouts when trying to access external data.

It is a graph linked to data on the same worksheet/file.

I had a problem involving “adapt row height.” These words appeared in a flickering green bar at the botttom of the window each time I selected an element of my spreadsheet. I seem to have eliminated this. I have no idea if this bares on your issue, but the details are at: