Calc: New update moves my sheets row everytime i chose one.

Hi there to all,

After last update (x64)-windows, on calc, every time i am choosing a sheet, the sheets row is moved until the chosen sheet is the last sheet (bottom right).

For instance, when i am clicking here:

It moves to here:

Is there somewhere a setting for this, or should i downgrade to avoid it?

Ok, i saw at my email, that Opaque, has commended, but i can’t seem to see the comment here.

To clarify:
It’s not the sheet that’s been moved. It’s the row of sheets. Whatever sheet i am choosing, get’s to be the last one. The sheets aren’t moving, the bar does (i don’t know the name of the sheet picker bar).

It’s strange, please test resetting the profile Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode.

I did it. I used safe mode but the same thing is happening.

Ok, i just found that it is, document specific. How does this happened to my document? Can i do something?

Try moving all sheets to a new document.