Calc not saving changes

Calc won’t save changes made in a csv file (saving as CSV. and I dont want to save it in any other format). It asks if I am sure I want to keep the format, I confirm, save again, and several more times just to be sure, close the file, and open it again to find that none of my changes have been saved. Using libreoffice at this point is becoming so painful and frustrating that it seems to me that paying for proprietary software is well worth it, compared to this half-developed near-useless set of tools that, even though free, cost far more mental effort andfrustration than they are actually worth it.

Can anybody explain why clicking on the save button, and confirming saving changes (repeatedly) doesn’t do anything???

What specific changes did you do to the sheet? The CSV isn’t able to store any formulas, formatting etc.

Also, what version of software do you use?

I am well aware that CSV is only a text file, and I am not using formulas, formatting or anything of the sort. I changed some text, pressed save, closed, and opened again find no changes were saved.

version is 5.3, running on a ubuntu 16.10

I just tested, and it saved a test file OK after edits. It’s impossible to speculate without reproducible steps, possibly with a test file and description of specific edits.