calc old version on high dpi display - needs scaling of icons and dialogs

hi all,

at the moment i have to use an old version of calc ( on a 4k screen, 17" (laptop),

i can adjust the display of text and the sheet by scaling windows fonts (i’m at 300 percent) and with the ‘scaler’ at the right bottom corner,

the icons in the menu and dialogs like autofilter don’t scale with the rest, see screenshot:

the picture is magnified on upload or display, in reality it has about 50% of size vertically and horizontally, resulting in 25% picture size. ‘Testtext’ is easy to read, menu icons and the dialog are far too tiny,

that’s resulting in very difficult use of the prog, using extra glasses, magnifiers glasses or other tricks, windows screen magnifiers makes dialogs disappearing and so on,

windows ‘compatibility options’ and settings for high res screens didn’t help - as far as i tested,

i heard about options to change the scaling for ‘old’ programs, couldn’t yet find it,

anybody an idea, would be great,



PS. i found one cruel workaround, in display settings i can adjust the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 pixels :slight_smile: , but that blocks other good use i like to make of the high resolution :frowning: … switching back and forth is a pain because it’s neccessary to adjust display fonts every time, using different user profiles requires loguot and logins, and so on, a solution inside of calc or a setting in windows for friendlier handling would be preferred.

Have you tested with Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/View - Menu UI, Icons size large options?

@mariosv: yes, i forgot mentioning, i looked around in settings and googled the web, Icon size and style is on ‘Large/Tango’, with ‘small’ it ‘grows’ worse …

There are several bugs for dpi.

hugh - uff - lots of work …

for me ver. 6.3xx works fine, but if so many people have that many difficulties … my two cents: we need scaling, different people need different scaling, bitmaps out, svg in, free scaling factor for all items. and: add access to the scaling factor as a ‘property’ to the items themself (the menu you reach with the right mouse button and / or with properties), a default / automatic factor estimated acc. screen resolution, users can override.

but my question was about any tricks for old versions, i couldn’t yet find anything for that :frowning:

In this place we are users helping other users. So to your request use LibreOffice feedback and choose to create a bug report or a request for enhancement. If a bug please search first for one similar where to add your comment.