Calc on Windows 10 and Linux

I’ve been Using LO5.0 Portable for about 2 wks on my W10 Desktop. I’m slowly replacing all my MS Office 2016 files with LO format. I only use Calc and none of the other Programs in LO5.0 (Wish they would have separate programs to download instead of the whole office). I must say I’m impressed with Calc, all my formulas from MSO 2016 work fine! One question I am wondering about. I want to get a laptop and put Ubuntu only on it with LO5.0. Will the files I save on my Windows 10 desktop work in LO on the Linux Laptop? Or will I have to save them to some other format? - Tks for any help - DN

If I understand you correctly, the files on your Windows 10 desktop are all LO Calc files. With that proviso, the answer should be a resounding “Yes.” The LO Calc files should work interchangeably.

I am currently researching a move from Win7 to Linux, and a move from MS-Office to LO for backoffice and personal purposes. To that end, I have converted an old Vista laptop to Linux Mint 17.3. I’m still a bit new to Linux so I hope I am stating correctly that Mint is based on the Ubuntu and Debian distros. I like working with Mint, and recommend it as you transition from Windows OS to Linux OS.

I currently have shared a folder on my Win7 laptop with my Linux laptop for a writing project. I am running LO 5.x on both machines, and have no problem opening LO files on whichever machine I choose.

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There’s no way, other than a serious bug, the files wouldn’t work on other platforms, and I haven’t seen such bug with LO nor OOo.

Thanks LKeith Jordan, I’m just about ready to start Linux (I’m retired & have free time) and your answer helped alot!! DN

You are quite welcome. Glad I could help – and good luck with Linux!

The files should work the same on mac, linux and windows. You will need to install Libreoffice as the Ubuntu version on your laptop though. If you only want calc you can install it by typing the following into the terminal:

Sudo apt-get install libreoffice-calc

EDIT Ubuntu comes with Libreoffice by default so you’ll already have Calc. Try to make sure that your windows version and your Ubuntu version have the same Libreoffice version though. If you need to update the Libreoffice version on Ubuntu to 5.1 for example do the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-5-1
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade