CALC: Open folder on hard drive in windows explorer via hyperlink


I have a spreadsheet that manages my mods for a steam game. Each mod has an ID which i store in Column C, and steam saves each mod in its workshop folder in a separate folder with the ID number as name.

So for example the MOD mymod (ID 123456789) is located at “E:\GAMES\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850\123456789” (244850 is the ID of the game which will remain the same)

Now, i want to be able to open the FOLDER in my windows explorer for a mod from a spreadsheet. I tried the hyperlink function :

=HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("E:\GAMES\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244850\";T(C:C) ;"\"); "OPEN")

While it doesn’t throw any errors and displays ‘OPEN’ in each row as expected, there is no hyperlink functionality for the cell (ie i can’t ctrl+click OPEN to open the folder).
What am i doing wrong?


I’m surprised you don’t get an error message (Windows does not find…)

T returns a value if it is text, otherwise an empty string. 123456789 is a value, not a text so…

I have no problem with you formula if 123456789 is in a formatted text cell or, more simply, without the T function

Note: you don’t need to use the CONCATENATE function, you can simply use the operator &



Thanks, i didn’t know about the & operator. But the problem remains, Calc doesn’t see it as a link. When i changed it to your version, the mouse changed for a second when i hovered over the field to indicate it’s a link but after that it wouldn’t work again on any cell…