Calc, Page Break Preview - Feature or Bug

I am using Calc, 4.1.1 in Linux 32bit Mint, Cinnamon 15

I have a series of 12 Workbooks which cover each Month of the year. Each Workbook has a Sheet for each day of the month. I can select all the tabs for each sheet in any Workbook and make an entry which will be reflected in each sheet, this removes the need to change the sheets individually.

Recently I needed to make a change due to a new printer installed. I selected Format/Page then adjusted the scaling factor down from 55% to 53%.

Going in to several sheets at random I could see this had indeed been reflected on all sheets

Selecting all tabs again, I used Page Break Preview to adjust the point at which a new page would be printed (it entailed moving the horizontal blue line up 5 rows). But it appears that last change was reflected only on the sheet in view.

Is this deliberate or a bug?

Just upgraded to ver 4.1.2 and it seems this feature/bug remains. Should I raise a feature request or bug report?

In the event that this is a bug, I have filed an appropriate report.