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Hey Gang:

Having an issue with Calc. On the attached screen grab of the work sheet, a description would be entered, and Line 12 would be visible. This would be the norm. In this situation, Lines 10 and 11 would be hidden and the Page Break would not be not active.

If the description was wordy, Line 12 would then be hidden. Lines 10 and 11 would be made visible, thus allowing the page break to function.

This was working in previous versions of Calc, but sadly not now. It seems no matter what I have tried, the Page Break is functioning.

Appreciate any assistance.

Rich Ramik

Page and printer setup in Calc

Maybe activating the option ‘Allow apply manual breaks’

Good idea, but didn’t work.

I went back to version 6.0.0 and worked my way to version 7.2.0 and the embedded line break worked. Loaded version 7.2.2, no good. Rather than a picture, I have attached a complete file that did work in version 7.2.0.
TEST FILE.xls (39 KB)

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