Calc paste with format but not meged cell

In Calc, when I copy a merged cell containing a date, and paste it in another document, how do I keep the date ‘number’ format but not the ‘merged’ part of the format (i.e. paste in single cell so I don’t have to un-merge it every time)?

Choose menu Edit - Paste Special - Paste Unformatted Text (the same that Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V).

It do you choose menu Edit - Paste Special - Paste Special… (the same that Ctrl+Shift+V or Insert), and OK,¹ you will get the serial number of that date. But if also checks Formats you will get the “‘merged’ part of the format”.

¹ Provided that by default Text, Numbers and Date & time are checked.

More LibreOffice Help on Paste Special.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1

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