Calc pasting multiline text into cell without creating additional rows

I’m trying to paste a multi-line bit of text into an empty Calc cell without Calc trying to create an additional row per pasted line of text. I simply want to paste the text as a single unit, but it brings up the same dialogue you see when you try to open a .csv on .txt file with Calc. Example:

Pasting lines below into empty Cell 1A:
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

I want all of that in one cell, but what I get is this:
Cell 1A - Description
Cell 2A - Line 1
Cell 3A - Line 2
Cell 4A - Line 3

Each cell in a given column will be receiving such a multi-line entry, and it needs to all remain within one row/cell. Can someone point me to a URL that explains how I do this?

Many thanks in advance!

Switch to direct-editing-mode with double-click or key F2 before pasting.

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Most excellent and simple answer, karolus! Thank you so much!

If do you copy from a Calc document, pasting will add an extra line at the bottom. Instead, copy from a text document.


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Good information, LeroyG! Thank you!