Calc - pivot table looses its column and row formats on refresh

I have a pivot table.
I format the columns, such as

  1. aligning the header row in
    top-center with certain width
  2. add
    a conditional formation on a column
  3. put some number formating such as with 2 decimals

Then, when I refresh the pivot table, I loose both these formatting.

How to refresh the pivot table content, but not change the formatting of the cells


P.S: Is it a bug?
Using LO 6.1

It has been always this way and afaik there is no way to prevent from this to happen on refresh (and I would not consider this as a bug). If you need pivot data in “nice looking” formatted tables, you may take a look at function GETPIVOTDATA

I think the only thing that you can do, it’s edit the styles of every part of the pivot table, but then it applies to all pivot tables in the spreadsheet.