Calc: Prevent automatic all caps in cell references?

I have a spreadsheet I imported into LibreOffice Calc (Windows 10, version, also latest on Ubuntu). All went fine except for one thing.

I have a sheet called “Kalendar,” that has a column where each cell concatenates other cells in the same row, together with some fixed text. For example, cell Kalendar.B136 has the formula:

=CONCATENATE(“The “,D136,” Sunday “,E136,” “,C136,IF(F136=””,""," | “),F136,IF(G136=”",""," | "),G136)

which produces the output:

The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost | Proper 4 | Ordinary 9

The other cells in row 136 have the correct capitalization, so the concatenated result is exactly what I want.

However, when I refer to these concatenated cells in other sheets, the output is in all caps. For example, cell B508 in the sheet “Propers” has this formula:


In that cell, I would expect to see the same thing as Kalendar.B136. But instead I get this output:


If I were to type some text directly into Kalendar.B136, then Propers.B508 has the correct formatting (that I typed).

Using formatting commands on the cells has no effect. All the cells with these formulae act the same way. The situation is the same on both my Windows 10 machine and Ubuntu machine.

How can I fix this? By the way, if I simply type some text directly into

Thanks in advance for any help.


I cannot reproduce the problem in LibreOffice (I don’t have LibreOffice version in Kubuntu 16.04. I wonder if there is more going on or if it is a bug.

I also can’t reproduce in

If you could make your file available somewhere maybe one could investigate.

After reading your comments, I tried opening the file in an older version of Apache OpenOffice (v4) and the problem was not there - everything looked normal. Here is the file if you want to take a look:



With the example file I can reproduce in 5.2.0 and also 5.1.5

Solution: disable “Allow use of Software Interpreter” under Tools - Options - LibreOffice - OpenCL

Bug filed as tdf#101866 and fix is underway.

That did it. Thank you very much erAck.


Same problem here (OSX 10.9.5, LibreOffice Although disabling “Allow use of Software Interpreter” did solve the problem, the document did not update automatically after a LO restart. I have to click each instance in the function bar and hit Enter to see the output displayed with the correct case.

Hit Shift+Ctrl+F9 once to recalculate all.