Calc - printing header and footer

I never had to do this before. Starting yesterday I have to go to Format_Page Style and turn on the header and footer prior to printing a worksheet. Even though I then save the worksheet, the next time I open the sheet I have to repeat the turning on of the header and footer for printing.

Not sure why this started happening. Calc version is

Bug already reported Calc disables header/footer or looses footer content when saves a spreadsheet ( part 2 )

Not sure how to recover from this. The headers and footers can be turned back on each time I print if I stay on 7.2.1. However, if I go backwards to 7.1.5 (when everything about headers and footers was fine) then the documents no longer have a header or footer.


I removed and installed 7.1.6. Then I went into every document that no longer had a header and footer and formatted the page to have the header and footer turned on. Then I added the text for the header and footer.

I guess I will stay back in the 7.1 version until this issue is fixed in 7.2. Will there be something in the release notes when this is fixed in the 7.2 release?

Fixes aren’t added to the release notes but in the releases’ changelog pages in the wiki, like Releases/7.2.2/RC1 and Releases/7.2.2/RC2, as mentioned in the announcement.

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Thank you. Still learning my way around.