Calc Problem (calculation returns incorrect result)

Hi, I’m about to give up with LibreOffice and find another alternative, simply because I have not been able to identify why SUMs is not giving the correct results.

I’m attaching a file, you can check the totals and would see the difference I’m talking about.
(Sorry I won’t be able to attach anything as I don’t have 3 points)

Thank you for anyones support.

Upvoted so you should be able to attach your file now.

Surely you are trying to sum numbers that are as text in the cell, if it’s the case, this value are summed only when they are reference directily but not through a range, SUM(A2) works but SUM(A1:A3) not.

Double click the cell the formula is in. It should then high lite all the cells it is adding up, to help see what it is doing. Or create a new Sum, with the Function Wizard, just left of the formula bar, it helps in building formulas in empty cells and will also show the structure of a cell with a formula, like your Sum formula.