Calc: problem referencing cells in another sheet from within INDIRECT() function

I have been given an ungainly and large spreadsheet (almost 6000 rows and 166 columns of data in one sheet) and asked to create a sheet that will pull out and consolidate any two rows for examination. Getting the rows was a simple matter using MATCH() but when I tried to use a method I have used before internally within a sheet


and add the reference to the other sheet

[e.g. =INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("$‘Holding Sheet’.B",$B$1))]

I get an invalid reference [#REF!]

It’s probably something simple and stupid but I’m just not seeing it. Thanks for any help.

Please can you attach editing your question a sample file.

@e_r_rock, In wich cells are your formulas? They appear to be perfect (although I use ; instead of ,). Sure that sheet name is Holding Sheet not Holding_Sheet?

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