Calc problem when change data type

Hi all,

I have a problem with LO Calc.

I have copied/pasted an other table, from web, that contains text and monetary data, in text form. Then I’ve replaced the currency form to appear only as an integer, finally to change to monetary form to classify them.

Was: R$ 5.321,00
To: 5321

But when I set monetary form LO Calc puts a character ’ on each start of number, to make it literal, but they don’t be text!!! They’re numbers!!!

What can I do to shoot out this conversion???

Tks a lot

Hi @Jeferson1, did @drone27of1 answer your question? If so, please mark his answer as correct. Thanks!

Select the column
Click Data
Select Text to Columns…
Highlight the column and change the type from Text to Standard

You could also edit the cells one by one and remove the ’ in front of the number

Years later this bug still hasn’t been fixed! It’s now 10 years later and it’s still broken! Is everybody at LibreOffice sound asleep?