Calc: Problems with filter of rows with images

I have a sheet with many strings that occupy more rows and relative images near them. That images are biger than row and they are anchor to the cell. They are also fixed in position and dimension.
If I filter the rows with the strings the result is ok. Images are ok.
Problems come when I save the file (.ods) with filter actived.
The images are not anymore well placed when I open again the file.
I should save the file with the filter not applied.EXAMPLE - FILTERED.ods
There is a mistake or I’m wrong?EXAMPLE - ORIGINAL.ods

Problems come when I save the file with filter actived

… saving to which format - .ods or something else?

.ods file. I updated my question.

I can’t see your problem - the only thing is, that your row height is too low to hold an image completely and therefore it is to be expected that they overlap, if you filter by num=1

Automatic Filter allows to filter by every column with data. I filtered by column “let” (first column A), only.

Thanks for that explanation.

Thanks to you :slight_smile:

Does this happen to someone else?

I tryed again today with the newest ver. of LibreOffice. The problem is not solved yet. :smiling_face_with_tear: