Calc - selecting a named range and copying it in the clipboard

I searched an entire day and could not find any answer. This relates to calc automation / basic.

Let’s say I have a named range called “Details” in a given sheet of a calc document. I want the range to be selected and then copied to the windows clipboard for manual pasting in a non libreoffice application. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance.

Would it be possible to copy the named range to the windows clipboard without selecting the range ?

Would it be possible to do this without viewing the calc document (i.e. hidden) ?

If you need an answer, here is what I found:
oClasseur > pointer to the calc document

                Set oNamedRanges = oClasseur.namedranges
                Set oRange = oNamedRanges.getbyname("Details")
                Set oReferredCells = oRange.getreferredcells()
                sContent = oRange.getcontent()
                sFeuille = Mid(sContent, InStr(sContent, "=$'") + 3, InStr(sContent, "'.") - InStr(sContent, "=$'") - 3)
                Set oCCCalc = oClasseur.currentcontroller()
                Set oFeuille = oClasseur.getsheets().getbyname(sFeuille)
                oCCCalc.Select (oFeuille.getcellrangebyname("Détails"))
                oDispatcher.executeDispatch oCCCalc.Frame, ".uno:Copy", "", 0, Array()

4 days to find out by myself how to do such a simple thing… good bye everyone !

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