(Calc) Setting stored in file?


I have a Calc file that uses Iterations. Iterations must be enabled for the file to function properly.

When I open this file on another computer that has LibreOffice installed, will Iterations automatically be enabled? In other words, will this setting (Iterations enabled) be stored in the Calc file?


It seems that yes, the content.xml file includes the line (e.g.):

table:iteration table:status="enable" table:steps="2310" table:maximum-difference="0.023"


Thanks pierre-yves samyn. Good to know. I checked the file you mentioned and I see it as well. In my file I don’t see the “steps” and “maximum-difference” parameters though. I only see the status of enabled. I assume I use the defaults then?

Yes that’s it. I first activated the option and then I prefer to check by also changing the parameters.

Alright. Thanks for your help!!