Calc Sheet context menu

I have an existing worksheet that will not allow me to rename individual sheets. It is not ‘read only’, I have unprotected the sheet. I can do everything to the sheet that I normally could, except rename it. The only four options available in the R+click context menu for the sheet name are: Select All Sheets, Protect Sheet, View Grid Lines, Sheet Events.
This only occurred after the update. I have other worksheets and none of them do this, they respond appropriately.


propably you have set Tools -> [x] Protect Spreadsheet Structure...

From LibreOffice Help → Protecting Cells from Changes:

To protect the structure of the document, for example the count, names, and order of the sheets, from being changed, choose Tools - Protect Spreadsheet Structure.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, that fixed my situation. Have a super day!

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