Calc Sheet E-mailing using Push Button

I have created a spread sheet (Order Form Spreadsheet ) that once it has been filled in I want the user to be able to submit it using the button that I have already created.

How do I get the push button, once pressed to submit the clac sheet to the desired e-mail address.
Is this possible? if so how do I go about this please? do I need to create some sort of macro?
If so how do I go about creating a macro to do this?

May Thanks

Not certain of any method to send the email from the button without using a macro. Instead of a button, you can create a new toolbar item from menu Tools->Customize on Toolbars tab. In the Documents category are selections for different e-mail types. Using this method, the user still has to fill in where the document is being sent.

To automatically have all filled in ready for sending, will require a macro. This macro must contain the information required and define the type of document sent. A sample for sending as a PDF can be found in my answer posted here.

You can also find further information on E-mailing or about macros in the LO documentation found here.