Calc: shift f9

Whilst trying to get my spreadsheet to recalculate (different issue), I was trying various modifications of F9.

(Again, different issue, but F9 and ctrl-shift-F9 didn’t work)

I tried Shift-F9.

Here’s what I got:
image description
… and …

(Yeah, I liked it so much I did it again.)

But… now I can’t get rid of those handy markers telling me whence the calculation came.

Any ideas?

Shift-F9 appears to be undocumented … at least in cheat sheets I’ve found.

Menu Tools → Detective → Remove All Traces; you did Trace Precedents.

Thanks! That was driving me crazy. I finally decided to try to take matters in my own hands and just remove the row. Unfortunately, that just moved the offending blue arrow thingie down a row, so did no good. Thanks for your solution. While in the menu, I see that Shift+F9 is Trace Precedents as you say. Shift+F5 is apparently Trace Dependents.

Would upvote, but draconian rules prevent me from upvoting here. Did mark it as “answer”: apparently I’m allowed to do that, at least.

Marking the answer as correct if it solved the problem is the correct procedure. Thanks.