Calc - Shortcuts for pasting actions

Hi all. I’m trying to make the switch from MS Office but I’m having some issues with my workflow in Calc. In excel 2010 I have mapped a few things to keyboard shortcuts and two of the ones I use the most are paste values and paste formatting. I have these mapped to Alt + 2 and Alt + 3. This makes it easy to copy large areas with formulas and special formatting and just selecting the destination and quickly hitting those 2 shortcuts. I have not found a way to do this in Calc. I have only found the very time consuming way of selecting “paste special” and choosing which properties of the copied cell I wish to paste. This is very inefficient in my opinion. In the customize option I can map commands to keyboard shortcuts but these 2 commands are not available, only the paste special is. Is it possible to map those 2 commands to keyboard shortcuts?


In CALC Customize/Keyboard check CALC not LibreOffice at the radiobuttons on top. Categorie-Edit, the first few Functions start with .uno:PasteonlyValues I saw. Not the whole nine yard but at least half of it.

There are also 2 “Paste Special” ???

@horst - thanks this is an excellent hint!!1

Try this: Menu → Tools → Customize, tab: Keyboard. Select the shortcut you want in the shortcut keys Window/List, then find Edit in Category and the paste function in Function, click modify.

You got it!

Thanks for your help but I had already tried this but in the list of available functions under the Edit category, there is only Paste and Paste special. There is no function for paste values or paste formatting. As far as I can see there is no way to skip the middle step of selecting the desired paste special option.


I have calc selected at the radio buttons. When the edit category is selected I can’t see the .uno:PasteonlyValues function you mentioned. I did see the 2 instances of Paste special though. Maybe it’s a build version thing? I’m currently running which was preinstalled on Ubuntu 12.04. It’s a pity really, I truly wanted to abandon MS software at the office except for when I need the Adobe programs. I installed Office 2010 through PlayOnLinux and I guess I’ll use that for now.



I used LO on Win 7.

Hi @Gunnar_Freyr,

Please try using the latest release of LibreOffice and see how that works for you.

@Gunnar_Freyr – Still interested in an answer here?