Calc show original numbers or text with changes in cell

I am trying to show changes in a calc spreadsheet. It is tracking the changes and shows a pop up when hovering over the cell. I have allocated colours to changes. It is tracking them but doesn’t show them as it does, for example, in Writer. I have made shift+control+c a shortcut and that does toggle the tracking, but still nothing shows in the actual spreadsheet. Is this available and what am I missing? Thank you in advance.
WIndows 10 64bit
Libre v.

Does Edit | Track changes | Show do what you want?

Recording changes

Thank you for your quick suggestion. ‘Show’ only seems to indicate the change in a box when the cursor hovers on the border of the cell. I am trying to have Calc show the changes in the cell in a similar manner to writer.

On my test spreadsheet (LO when I left Colours for Changes as default (by author) then the changed cells are marked with a red border.

Curiously, it seems that Sheet > Fill Cells > Fill random number is not tracked although other Fills are, e.g. Fill Series, Fill Down ,etc.

Another anomaly occurs when I make fixed colours for changes;

  • when I move a cell both the departure cell and the arrival cell are marked the colour for Insertions, not for Moved entries.
  • Insertions take the Moved Entries colour.

Deletions of cell contents just gets Changes colour, although deletion of row gets deletion colour.

You might want to file a bug report, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thank you for your advice. I’m not even able to have the borders marked. When I first opened Colours for Changes all the colours were grey or greyed out so I changed them to different colours in the hope it would show something. I’m not technically minded but it seems the process for Calc is completely different to Writer. When I tried to customise Show with a shortcut I could not find anything in Customise>Keyboard>All commands>Function that came close. As per my OP I have made shift+control+c a shortcut, but this doesn’t seem to Show. I have added the Show icon to the Toolbar but this does nothing when clicked and doesn’t remain highlighted like other Toolbar icons.
I will follow your suggestion. Thank you.

When you have enabled Edit > Track Changes > Record you should be able to see a border colour for changed cells, however pale colours might not show up well or at all.

If you turn off Record then the changes are kept but information about the changes is lost, that is, you can’t revert to original and the Show icon will be greyed out.

If you are still in Record mode, you could try

  • Clicking Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and untick Enable Skia for all rendering and OK to see if it is a graphics issue that you cannot see the borders.
  • Help > Restart in Safe Mode > Continue in Safe Mode to see if there is possibility of corruption in the user profile.
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Thank you Earnest. The Use profile seems to have been the problem. Strange as I had renamed it before reloading LO as previous installation developed problems.