Calc showing dashs cross hairs on normal calc window

June 27,2017

Libreoffice RC1 - My plain and very simple calc window (single sheet, 5 column, 900 row expense register) now shows cross hair (vertical and horizontal lines of dashes) for no reason that I am aware of. The cross hairs correspond to paper page size (portrait 8.5 x 11) if I wanted to print data from the calc sheet.

The cross hair can be very useful as the print preview does not stretch the display to actual page size. Instead that tool manipulates the size of data on the page to be printed within a box much smaller than the printed page. My experience with it.

Never saw these before release Beta 2.

I find them to be annoying. Can they be turned off ?

Did I somehow cause these to be displayed ?

Are they displayed in error ?

Libreoffice newbie

Sorry about that ! Those lines appeared after installing 5.4 Beta.

A few days later they disappeared.

I obviously caused them to appear and to go away and I am clueless how either happened.

For the time being, the cross hairs aren’t present; thus, aren’t an annoyance :wink: