Calc showing sometimes function, sometimes value

I’m using Win10 and LibreOffice

I’m trying to use the function IFS - let’s say in this way: IFS(a1=1;“A”;a1=2;“B”) etc

Now, in some cells I do indeed get what I want: either A or B depending on the value of the cell A1. But sometimes, seemingly completely arbitrarily, I only see the function itself, not the result.

Tools/options/calc/view/formulas NOT on!!

I have tried to write the function directly as well as using the wizard, but what stays is the seemingly random behavior: some cells continue to show value, some the function. And the cell formatting is exactly the same (number or text, doesn’t change anything by the way).

Feels like a Bug. Any comments?

I find no problem on v5.3.0.3 using Linux Mint 18. In the cells displaying the function itself, does the function begin with = or is it displayed as in your question?

When the cell displays the function, it does include the equals sign. Somehow it treats the function as text. But the randomness is the worrying thing…

When I do have the function doing what is should and then go and change the characters inside the quotation marks or the numbers in the condition part, then the interpretation of the cell changes from function to text.

An example of the “from” (working) to the “changed” (displays function) would probably help.

Most propably you has the cells in question formattet as Text, before you entered the Formulas.

Text-formattet Cells lets the Cellinput as it is, !!!ANY INPUT!!!