Calc Sorting bug?

I have a document that the formulas are in a cell and can be activated based upon a checkmark.
Everything works great in and earlier.
I have the latest LibreOffice and the Vanilla from Apple’s app store. and when I sort now the checkmarks will effect other cells that are in the row rather than following the sort.

here is the dropbox link to the file:
[Dropbox - Master.ods - Simplify your life](calc file)
The first check box in the row indicates whether the advertisement is on the front page and calculates the inch rate based upon that price instead of the inside rate.
The second checkbox in the row is if the advertisement is in color. Let me know if that does not make sense.

If you need me to share a populated sheet, I can.
Perhaps this is just a preference somewhere that I am missing but this has made me not be able to upgrade to the latest versions.
thanks for your help!

I can confirm that in things really get messed up using the sample document. Not only are values swapped, but at times the check boxes seem to anchor with the wrong cells–although I cannot speak to the correctness of all the anchors to begin with in the sample document.

That said, I don’t use check boxes in LO because frankly they are finicky. I use good old 1’s and 0’s and then do due diligence with number formatting and data validation. I’ve attached a whimsical example.

SmileyCheck.ods (13.5 KB)

Maybe Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice Calc/General - Update references when sorting range of cells.

This does not seem to help in Was it tried in another version before being proposed?