Calc - sorting data on multiple sheets

Hi everyone - I was wondering if it’s possible to sort data on multiple sheets. I’m trying to alphabetize the first column of multiple sheets, so I select all the sheets I want (they all have the same data in that first column - a list of names), then select the data I want to sort, then go to Data->Sort, and click ok. Calc then alphabetizes the data I selected, but only on the current sheet.

Is it possible to have all the selected sheets alphabetized? Thanks very much!

AFAIK it is not possible. If you want alphabetical sort through several sheets, the method I suggest is to work on a synthetic sheet which collect data in each sheet to sort using formula like = sheet1.A1. Then sort this synthetic sheet.

That worked perfectly - also made it easier to update the spreadsheet later on - thanks!!

sample how to do this pls

I don’t know why you have more than 1 sheet (sheet has 1 mio rows). With as many data set I assume you have, I would rather take the effort and go into Base.