Calc Special paste process works as slowly on column with vlookup formulas

Vlookup is very fast on 7.4 version in hundreds of thousands of lines. I used this formula on calc more than hundred of thousands of lines. After I am copying and special paste this column. i’m doing copy and paste to save the cells from the formula. But this paste process is so slowly.

Note that your description lacks a description of the specific properties of the special paste. You could write which options have you checked in the dialog, or you could simply provide a screenshot of the Paste Special dialog itself.

And indeed, the description would have no meaning without a sample (an ODS with some anonymized data and formulas) which others could use to try to reproduce, with description which range to select, copy, and where to paste it.

And lastly, likely what you do here is try to report a performance bug. Then you should report the bug properly.

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