Calc spell correction not working if "wrap text"

Does anyone know how to get context spelling correction to work in Calc.

If I remove wrap text it works and gives a list of corrections
if wrap text is on in the cell you do not get the list of corrections.

I am using Version: (x64) but it seems to happen on all versions.

created: tdf#127634

My observation: The behavior got nothing to do with Wrap text automatically set or unset, but with the size of the cell (i.e. its row height) and whether text completely fits into the cell. You can unset Wrap text automatically and change the row height manually (enlarge the row height) and the result will be the same (i.e. no suggestions). On the other hand you can set Wrap text automatically and set Optimal row height and the result will be: suggestions will be shown. Obviously too large cell (whatever “too large” means) has right click to change its meaning from mark the spell finding to enter edit mode.

If you could confirm my observation, it would be great, if you update your bug report.

I have been playing about a bit more, but cannot get the results exactly as you did, the main problem is with wrap text as this would be the most common usage for text more than a simple single line comment.
The only thing I did notice however was that if the spelling mistake is on the first line and text wrap is on and the text fills the cell, it does seem to work but not for any words in line two onwards.
I do agree, as you say, if there is a lot of white space above/below the text due to a neighbouring cell height etc then that stops it working altogether whether text wrap is on or not.
So in essence, cell width and height does play a part in the problem but even with sizes correct, with wrap text it only seems to work on words in the first line of text.

You can check Bugzilla for a bug. If not, and the error is reproducible, you can enter a bug there.

Thanks, I’ve added it.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, please write the link here. Edit your question and complete with the link. Thanks.

Bug report:
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