Calc spreadsheet insert and reorder.

I have a very old stamp collection inherited that was my mother’s as a young girl. My spreadsheet is including a photo of each stamp and leaving fields for it’s “Scott” id number, current value, and my file numbering which increment by 1 with each record added. I’ve found areas where I’ve missed a series of entries but being a nube my efforts only create more chaos. My file naming system is simple a photo of a full page of mounted stamps master number, country, and individual stamp number. This is a huge effort for me but I am nearly done … nearly 3000 individual records broken into 100 record blocks because anything larger crashes my computer. Copy individual records to new format allowing new inserted records.

Is there any question hidden in that description?

There is nothing hidden, not even my own incompetence with this program. I only am attempting to access what functions needed to complete this task. I have been attempting to read what material there is about this software but perhaps my version is different than the examples. I find, for example, the auto renumbering function for each record entered for me only places the formula in that cell. Despite my attempts to use this program I am still missing something vital.

Update … I’ve gotten the counter formula to work properly. But this brings up a question is there a way to flag a cell to another page? Such as (in groups of 100) … can you flag with a “wild card” character like * so group #2 starting at #1 increments the entire page counting up from X which would be in this case 100. I believe this would be the key for my insertion problem where missed data can be flagged and put in its proper numbered order location.