Calc status bar sum multiple sheets not working in

I’ve used Libre office for years now and one of the features I use quite often is checking the total of a cell in multiple sheets.

However, since 4.4 right up to - this doesn’t seem to work any longer.

The problem-

If I select a few sheets and then select a few cells in the foreground sheet, with multiple sheets selected, the sum in the status bar only shows the sum of the values of the cells selected on the foreground sheet and ignores all other selected sheets.

I don’t know where I can find information about whether or not this is the intended behaviour, but if not, then either there is a bug in the application or something is wrong with my setup.

Has anyone come across a solution to the above problem.

All help and advice much appreciated.

There is an old thread with the same question but still unanswered and that’s why I setup this new query.


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